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The Smart Work at Home Internet Business Idea

In my mind email marketing is the intelligent work at home internet business. There are several things you can do to make email marketing work smart for you.

In this article we will offer a few email marketing tips on how you can turn this into a home business of your own on the internet.

1. Use a quality auto responder such as Get Response to store your prospects name and email address in. This is the smart way to automate your email marketing efforts.

Autoresponders are good because you can email to numerous people with the click of one button. You can also pre program them with messages that you write in advance so you can automate your follow-up that way.

Get Response will sell leads to you and build your list for you. This is a fast way to jump start your list. You can also purchase co-registration leads from a lead company and put those directly into an autoresponder of your choosing.

However you go about getting your leads using an autoresponder to follow up is the best way to do it.

2. Initially people may not know you and purchase products from you when they receive emails you send out. Therefore it’s better to get to know them and offer helpful information before you try to sell them products.

This is where pre-programming your messages with helpful emails you have already written can come into play. You can set these to go out in advance up to several years. The good thing is it’s all done automatically see you don’t have to remember to send messages out to anyone.

3. As your subscribers get to know you then you can begin to sell products to them. You can promote products directly to your list via solo email messages.

Anytime you have something you want to sell you can send out an email and some people will make a purchase. This is where your list can become so valuable to you in a real asset to your business.

4. Another way to make a work at home Internet business out of email marketing is to publish a newsletter. An email newsletter is a good way to provide information and sell products at the same time.

It is also a good way to make money selling advertising to people who want to promote in your newsletter. People like to subscribe to email newsletters that offer helpful information and this gives you the opportunity to provide that to them.

In summary you can see why I feel email marketing is the intelligent work at home Internet business today. It can be an easy way to make money and provide useful information at the same time.

Great Internet Business Ideas for the Beginning Entrepreneur

The Internet has made business owners out of the most unsuspecting individuals. The retired teacher that was struggling to make ends meet, the mother who runs around all day, not to mention the individuals who were laid off during this recession, they are all making money online now. There is simply no reason that everyone cannot come up with some great internet business ideas to help improve their financial situation.

One of the easiest ways for a person to make money online today is to start up their own affiliate site. If a person knows people that shop online, there is no reason they should not be able to make some money from their friends. Just about every online vendor has an affiliate program that pays commissions. Whether people are shopping at Sears or Amazon, every sale that goes through the site will earn money for the owner.

Another popular form of making money online is AdSense websites. Those little ads from Google that pop up on every site are moneymaking machines. All a person needs is a nice website that provides information its readers enjoy. As they are reading the article, pertinent ads will pop up on the site and if they are clicked on, the site owner receives a commission from Google.

There are also various other programs that are set up very similar to AdSense. Googling “pay per click affiliate income” will provide a wealth of different outlets that offer these types of programs. Some of these programs offer different styles of advertising that are not as blatant as AdSense ads, making it easier for readers to click through. It really is a matter of preference concerning the type of site a person wants to develop.

Of course, there is also the possibility of starting an actual business online. For those that are handy, eBay offers a great opportunity of having an actual storefront with very little upfront costs. Going this route eliminates the need for construction of an actual website, which can get costly. Individuals are now supporting themselves with a full time income by simply selling their homemade goods through eBay.

Great internet business ideas are not hard to come by, they just take a little thought. Find a niche you are already well informed in and start blogging. If you already have a product to sell, open up an eBay store and test the waters before jumping in with both feet. Most people find that as long as they stick with it, at the very least, they are able to supplement their current income and make their lives a bit easier financially.

5 Internet Business Ideas You Can Start From Your Home

Looking for profitable Internet Business Ideas you can start from your home? Here are 5 Business Ideas from my Idea Diary. Each of these ideas have three sections- The Niche Market it targets, What you can do for the target market, and revenue generation method for each business idea.

5 Internet Business Ideas for you to steal, brainstorm and profit:

Idea #1: Start a ‘Food Allergy News’ Newsletter

Niche Market: People suffering from allergy (On further research you will find several sub niches within this group)

What You Can Do: Write or Report about personal experiences/interviews, tips from people who are suffering or got relief from different types of allergy. Report about latest medical news and new product release, related to allergy. [Hint: Start your research with US govt. online resources.]

Revenue Generation: Post your newsletter online sprinkled with Google AdSense and related affiliate programs. When you have about 12-20 issues, select themed articles from your back issues and sale them as a separate package.

Idea #2: Food Writer’s Resource Guide

Niche Market: Food Writer’s/Cookbook writers

What You Can Do: Create a Newsletter for Food Writers. Accompany your newsletter with a paid resource directory for cook book Writers. The directory should be designed such that they can easily find things like -

resources neatly organized for researching about food , related marketing and articles submitting sites, listing of newsletters dealing with food and recipes where they can syndicate articles or advertise, etc. Your aim should be to save time for the Food writers and help them to find what they want to stay ahead in their market.

Revenue Generation:
Use your newsletter as a marketing vehicle for the resource directory. Depending on the content and design of your directory, you can charge $47-$67 per year.

Idea #3: Create an Online Distance Education Directory

Niche Market: Students (Adults) those who cannot afford to travel across the countries and are looking for long distance education.

Content Idea: Research shows that the demand for online distance education is increasing every year. Create a searchable database of distance education courses with the details of programmes offered by the various universities (eg- Different Canadian universities, Australian universities etc.). An useful additional bonus or an upsell will be a ‘how to guide’ detailing the step by step process about how to apply and enroll – an insiders viewpoint for overseas students.

Revenue Generation: Depending on the number of programmes you cover for each university and the details, you can charge $37 -$47 to access the directory. You can use this idea for any other niche where the people involved in the industry need to do a lot of research.

Idea #4: Create Family Vacation Guide (for a specific country)

Niche Market: Affluent families planning and looking for information about short trips or long vacations.

Content Idea: This is a fun project and if you love to travel it should be an easy service to start for foreign travelers visiting your country. You can write about places to see , what to do, tourist special attractions, culture and tradition , heritage tours of your country, culinary tours, historical tours of the region etc.

Revenue Generation :
Paid newsletter /Membership site . Additional revenue form ‘Insiders Travel Guide’ CDs.

Idea #5: Discount Travel Deals for Senior Citizen

Niche Market: Senior citizen (possible subniche -Single Women, Old couples)

Content Idea : Practical & timely info on vacations preferred by travelers in this age group. Information about the discounts and often things they can get free,with details about what age the discount is available for; possible value added service, physical addresses and contact numbers to easily get more information.

Revenue Generation: monthly/Yearly subscription based newsletter OR newsletters supported by advertisement and travel related Affiliate program.

There you go…

5 business ideas you can use as a base to start your research about what you need to do to implement these ideas or use them for brainstorming the possible variations.

However, ideas are of no use if not acted upon. You need to make an action plan and work accordingly. For more detail and complete Business Ideas and Action Plan check out the FREE resource box below.